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No pop stars, no vocal show offs, just the Star Spangled Banner, the cadets, and the US Army Herald Trumpet Corps.

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Veterans and active-duty military not in uniform can render the military-style hand salute during the playing of the national anthem, and during the raising, lowering or passing of the flag, thanks to changes in federal law that took effect in 2008 and 2009. Details can be found at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website by clicking the the link below.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Press Release



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July Videos  

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This is my Country the USA  "God Bless America" - Celine Dion

"Fanfare for the Common Man"
(Aaron Copeland)
Boston Pops with US Army Herald Trumpets
4th of July, 2009

"Battle Hymn of the Republic"

"You're a Grand Old Flag"-James Cagney
(George M. Cohan)
from "Yankee Doodle Dandy"(1942)
"Liberty Fanfare"-John Williams
Statue of Liberty Centennial-July 4, 1986
 Boston Pops perform at Liberty Park
The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps
Stars and Stripes Forever
John Phillip Sousa
Statue of Liberty Centennial - Fireworks
"America the Beautiful"
Statue of Liberty Centennial - Concert Finale
Let Freedom Ring - Barry Manilow
2009 Capitol Fourth concert at the US Capitol.
America, The Beautiful - Ray Charles '91
God Bless The USA - Lee Greenwood The Declaration of Independence



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