For those of us in the Mid-Atlantic States
(Those of you who hail from other parts similarly affected let Pat Fantin know and we'll add you, no slight intended)
Contact Pat Fantin about your pictures and/or videos, stories, snowfall totals where you are,etc and we will post it all here

Winter Dec 19, 2009 through Feb 11, 2010

 Yeah, in moderation. THIS IS RIDICULOUS FOLKS!!!!


Fugeddaboutit!!!!!!  The milk and bread that is! Important stuff first.  

From Pat Fantin, near Annapolis, MD. Two blizzards in 5 days. Totals in my backyard 46 in to 50 in depending on drifts. (Webmaster gets to go first)
  Time lapse video of the Feruary 5-6 snowfall in DC. Not my deck pictured, but mine looked just like it during Blizzard one. Total snowfall here 28 in to 31 in depending on drifts. Notice trees bending down in background. We lost several 14-20 foot wild holly trees to weight. They bent and broke in the middle of tree. Trees that took decades to get that big.
  Time lapse video of the Feruary 10-11 snowfall in DC. Again, not my deck pictured, but mine looked just like this during Blizzard Two. Total snowfall here 17 in to 20 in depending on drifts.

First snow of season Dec 19, 2009 only 18 in. Little did we know.....

Brenda's niece took these 3 pictures in Bowie, MD, the mall was completely deserted. They were at hotel nearby.



This is how you know when winter is starting to get to people!


From Rommano Peretti, Colonia, NJ


From Linda Michatowski Gibbons Lancaster, PA

 From Carol Adams Capalbo, Brick, NJ


From Judith Willis Cohen (Class of '65), Waldorf, MD.  


Picture was taken on Dec 19, 2009. Not quite a blizzrd but close

See the squirrel snow route on the rail of our deck!

Feb 5-6 Storm below


From Mickey Fantin Loutzenhiser (Class of '65), Mount Laurel, NJ.  Dec 19-20, 2009