In Memory


We walked the halls together, so many years ago.
Living, loving, learning, so much we didn’t know.

For years we grew together, we share a common past.
Life took us different places, but our memories will always last.

The days, they passed so quickly, they flashed before our eyes.
Now we are here together, to celebrate our lives.

If only you could be here, we have so much to share.
You are missed so much by many, please know how much we care.

Each one of you had touched our lives, in many special ways.
Each one of us holds memories, of all the yesterdays.

You may not be among us now, but forgotten you’ll not be.
We’ll celebrate the time we have, and raise a toast to thee.

To you who are not with us now, From those you left behind,
Our hearts are always with you, The Class of ‘64.

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By Year Deceased Alphabetically


Charles Shuhala  

Joan Ellen Fuchs (Reinhard)  

Patrick Manze, Md  

Lorraine Szulwach  

Patricia Missaggia (Murphy)  

Joanne Dietz  
Janet Mauriello  
James McMurray  
Janet Moore  
Joseph Petriello  
Dennis Robbins  
Angelo Stefanelli  

Richard Fiore (Faculty)  

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