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Forever Young composed by Bob Dyan


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1950's Playlists

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1960's Playlists

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Funny Songs of Our Youth 

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Jeremiah Peabodys Polyunsaturated, Quick Dissolving, Fast Acting, Pleasant Tasting, Green and Purple Pills

 Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On The Bedpost Overnight)

 On Top Of Spaghetti (The Meatball Song)  



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Oldies Music Quizzes
Find out what you can remember about the music of the 60's.

1. Which musician, best known as lead singer of The Four Seasons, has guest starred on the hit series The Sopranos? 
     Frankie Avalon  Frankie Valli
     Frank Sinatra Jr.   Paul Simon
 2. This girl group, formed in New Jersey in 1958, became famous with hits such as Will You Love Me Tomorrow, Dedicated to the One I Love, and Mama Said. 
     The Crystals    The Shirelles
     The Ronettes  The Chiffons 
 3. After leaving the US Army, this singer recorded a major hit titled Stuck On You. 
 4. This group praised the California youth lifestyle in their songs Surfin' U.S.A., All Summer Long, and Fun, Fun, Fun.
 5. This musical group, created to be the stars of an American TV series of the same name, recorded the hit I'm a Believer.
     Simon and Garfunkel  The Beach Boys
     The Monkees  The Supremes 
 6. The Sounds of Silence was a major hit for which duo?
     Jan and Dean  Simon and Garfunkel
     Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell  Ike and Tina Turner 
 7. This singer recorded the songs Only The Lonely, Pretty Woman, and Crying, which were inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame.
     Roy Orbison  Johnny Rivers
     Otis Redding  Marvin Gaye 
 8. Which was one of the most successful folk-singing groups of the 1960s, inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1999?
     Peter, Paul and Mary  Simon and Garfunkel
     The Supremes  Paul Revere and the Raiders
 9. This pop-rock singer started performing at the age of 12 and by the time he reached 19, he had a million seller with "Hanky Panky".
     Stevie Wonder    Gene Pitney
     Tommy James  Smokey Robinson
10. As a teenager this singer worked as a babysitter for songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin. 


 1. Frankie Valli 
 2. The Shirelles 
 3. Elvis Presley
 4. The Beach boys
 5. The Monkees 
 6. Simon and Garfunkel 
 7. Roy Orbison 
 8. Peter, Paul and Mary 
 9. Tommy James 
10. Little Eva, Eva Narcissus Boyd, Eva Boyd


New Take on Sound of Music

More than 200 dancers  performing their version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp, Belgium. With just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing stunt! Those 4 fantastic minutes started on 23  Mar 2009, 8:00 AM. It was a promotion stunt for a Belgian TV program, where they were looking for someone to play the leading role, in the musical of "The Sound of Music".